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4.01 Sorting Records

In Chapter 2 you saw how to build a report using the different report objects and tie it into a database. For creating simple reports this is all you need to know. But you will quickly find yourself developing reports that require more effort than listing records one by one. For reports that consist of […]

3.13 Using Strongly-Typed Reports with the Viewer

Using Strongly-Typed Reports with the Viewer Strongly-Typed reports are referenced by passing an instance of the report class to ReportSource property of the viewer. In this example I pass a new instance of the Employee_List class to the ReportSource property. For your application you would pass the class name of the report you want to […]

3.12 Using Untyped Reports with the Viewer

Using Untyped Reports with the Viewer Untyped reports are referenced by their filename and they are external to the application’s executable code. Open an Untyped report by passing the filename to the ReportSource property of the viewer. In this example, I set the ReportSource property in the Load() event of the page. I also pass […]

3.11 Binding Reports to the Web Viewer

Binding Reports to the Web Viewer After adding a viewer to the web page and setting its properties, the report needs to be bound to the viewer. This can be done with any of the three options listed earlier in the chapter: using the ReportDocument component, using Untyped reports, and using Strongly-Typed reports. Using the […]

3.10 Windows Viewer vs. Web Viewer

Table 3-5. Comparing the property names of the two viewer controls. Windows Viewer Web Viewer DisplayGroupTree DisplayGroupTree N/A DisplayPage DisplayToolbar DisplayToolbar Dock BestFitPage EnableDrillDown EnableDrillDown N/A DrilldownTarget N/A HasDrillUpButton ReportSource (DataBindings) | ReportSource SelectionFormula SelectionFormula ShowCloseButton N/A ShowExportButton N/A ShowGotoPageButton HasGotoPageButton ShowGroupTreeButton N/A ShowPageNavigationButtons HasPageNavigationButtons ShowPrintButton N/A ShowRefreshButton HasRefreshButton ShowTextSearchButton HasSearchButton ShowZoomButton HasZoomFactorList N/A HyperlinkTarget […]

3.09 ASP.NET Development

ASP.NET Development The CrystalReportViewer control is the interface for previewing reports in an ASP.NET application. Adding a viewer control to a web page is as simple as dragging the control from the Toolbox onto the web page. After it is added to an ASP.NET page, it is represented by a simple rectangle. Figure 3-2. The […]

3.08 Printing Directly to the Printer

Printing Reports Directly to the Printer If you decide not to user the viewer control for previewing reports, you will have to write all the code for loading and printing reports. The following sections show you examples of how to instantiate report objects and send their output to the printer. At this point in the […]

3.07 Windows – Binding Reports to the Viewer

Binding Reports to the Viewer The viewer needs to be told which report to display. This is called binding the report to the viewer. The property used for binding is the ReportSource property. There are three ways to set the ReportSource property: using the ReportDocument component, passing it an Untyped report filename, and passing it […]

3.06 CrystalReportViewer Properties and Methods

Table 3-3. CrystalReportViewer Properties Property Description DisplayBackgroundEdge A background edge creates a border around the edge of the report page in preview mode. Setting this to False makes the edge of the page flush against the viewer’s window. DisplayGroupTree Toggles the Group Tree window on and off. DisplayToolbar Toggles the toolbar on and off. EnableDrillDown […]

3.05 Previewing Reports with the CrystalReportViewer

Windows Development Each of the integration options presented in the previous section have a specific way that they must be implemented to work properly. This section discusses the details of each option and walks you through the steps to implement them in a Windows application. Previewing Reports with the CrystalReportViewer Most applications give the user […]