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Crystal Reports .NET 2005/2008

Read my book, Crystal Reports .NET 2005/2008, as I’m writing it! Now you don’t have to wait months before the book is finished and get shipped to the bookstores. Each time I complete a new chapter, I will post it here.

Be a part of development process by posting your comments and questions on each page. I’ll respond directly to you and make changes when necessary. If something doesn’t make sense, let me know and I’ll clarify it. If you think I missed something important, just say so and I’ll add it to the chapter. Get what you need, when you need it, by being part of this new community of Crystal Reports fanatics!

The sample reports download link is here: CR.NET Sample Reports

Here are the chapters. Click on the links to read each one.

1 Creating Your First Report
2 Crystal Reports Essentials
3 Report Integration
4 Sorting and Grouping
5 Using Parameters and Formulas
6 Customizing Reports
7 Using the Formula Editor
8 Programming with Basic Syntax
9 Using Built-In Functions
10 Charting Data
11 Creating Cross-Tab Reports
12 Integrating Sub-Reports
13 Connecting to Databases
14 The ReportDocument Object Model
15 Runtime Customization
16 Modifying Parameters and Formulas
17 Dynamic Data Sources
18 Report Web Services
19 Exporting and Deploying Reports
20 RAS – Dynamic Report Modification