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18.01 Web Services

Creating reports as Report Web Services (RWS) enables you to deliver reports using SOAP via an HTTP protocol. There are no issues with worrying about the report being blocked by security or network constraints.

There are two parts to viewing reports as a web service. The first part is to build the web service application and publish the report. The second is creating an application that consumes the report. Fortunately, Visual Studio .NET makes creating and consuming web services almost trivial.

First create a new Web Services project using the Visual Studio IDE. Click on the menu options File > New > Web Site.

Figure 18-1. Create new web services project

Be careful to set the Location property to HTTP. This tells Visual Studio to update the IIS Settings so that the report is in the INetPub/WWWRoot folder and runs under LocalHost. If you use the File option, the URL uses a temporary URL each time the project runs and this can’t be referenced directly by another application. You...

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