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19.08 Exporting to HTML

Exporting to HTML

HTML output is inherently different from exporting to the other file formats. HTML files are meant to be viewed in a web browser and this can impose certain requirements on how you present the data to the user. You have the option of displaying the entire report in a single browser window or breaking it up into separate web pages. If you display the report on a single page, the user can view all the data at one time. But this requires a lot of scrolling to see everything. If you decide to break up the report into separate pages, you have to decide whether you will provide your own interface for navigating between the pages or whether you want page navigation links to be automatically added to the bottom of each page. Of course, doing it automatically is a much easier solution to implement, but you have to consider whether this fits in with the design of your entire web site. Luckily, each of these options is easy to set and you can quickly play around with each one and decide what works best for each project.

The report viewer control doesn’t have HTML listed in its...

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