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13.10 Boolean Operators

When a formula uses multiple conditions, they can be joined with either the AND operator or the OR operator. Each affects performance differently. To understand how this works, you have to understand how each operator is used.

When two or more conditions are combined using the AND operator, Crystal looks at each condition independently. If a condition can be converted to SQL, it is appended to the WHERE clause and passed down to the server. Any conditions that can’t be converted are left for the report engine to process. Crystal will pass as many conditions down to the server as it can and leave the rest for the client. The result is improved performance because, even though the client has to process some of the records, there will be fewer to process. Many records have already been filtered out by the server.

The OR operator works differently from the AND operator. When using the OR operator, Crystal Reports looks at all the conditions as a whole. Like the AND operator, it tries to convert each condition into SQL. But this time, if it finds that any of the conditions can’t be converted, none of them will be converted. For example, assume...

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