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13.12 SQL Expressions

Using SQL Expressions

SQL Expressions are report formulas that only use SQL compatible functions. As mentioned in the last section, many formulas written with Crystal syntax don’t have a SQL compliant equivalent. Thus, the report engine has to take the data returned from the server and process it on the client’s computer. SQL Expressions alleviate this problem because they are passed directly to the server for processing. The data returned to the client computer has already been processed. SQL Expressions can be used as formulas that are used directly on the report output, or they can be included as part of the formulas.

Writing reports requires achieving a balance of functionality and performance. Many reports need to use custom formulas and functions to produce the proper output. But this can result in slower performance because it requires the report engine to do more work on the client computer. Thus, you would want to, whenever possible, push as much work as possible onto the database server. The drawback to using SQL Expressions is that they aren’t as robust as formulas written with Crystal syntax or Basic syntax. Crystal Reports has an extensive library of functions that isn’t matched in other programs. The...

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