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13.14 Set Location

Set Location Dialog Box

The Set Location dialog box, shown in Figure 13-8, is used to change the data source of an existing table. You might need to do this when the reporting requirements change, or when you find that, after having used one data source for coding and testing, you have to change to the production data source before releasing the program.

Figure 13-8. The Set Location dialog box.

The Set Location dialog box lets you replace an existing data source with a new data source. You can switch the database server so that all the tables from one server are switched to a different server. You can also change the data source for just one table and it won’t affect the other tables in that report. This includes changing the database server for that table or switching out the table for a totally different table.

Open the Set Location dialog box by right-clicking on the report and selecting Database | Set Location. It has a combobox on the left hand side labeled “Current Data Source”. This lists the current connections and any tables that are being used with that connection. The window on the right is...

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