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4.03 Filtering with Wildcards

Filtering with Wildcards

The comparisons Is Like and Is Not Like have two characteristics which require more explanation. The first characteristic is that they let you build a custom list of allowable criteria. This is similar to the comparisons Is One Of and Is Not One Of described previously. As long as a field’s value matches any one of the values in the list, the record is printed.

The second unique characteristic is that you can use wildcard characters to create a search string. Wildcards let you create a group of matching data without being limited by a beginning and ending range. The strings are selected if they fit the pattern’s search criteria.

Search filters use two wildcard characters: ? and *. The ? allows any character to be in that position in the string. For example, let’s say that you want to print a report with all employees with the first name of Brian. You know that Brian is commonly spelled with a “y” as well as with an “i” and you want to find both spellings. The filter “Br?an” would match both spellings. The ? in the third position tells Crystal Reports that you don’t care which letter is used...

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