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4.14 Choosing the Proper Fields

Choosing the Proper Fields

Before deciding which fields to use in the list of values and its description, you should consider the database structure first. For the purpose of importing values, you need to figure out whether the field you want to display has a primary table or not (it may not exist). A primary table lists every possible value for a field and has a single field that is a unique identifier for each row (called the Primary Key). If you aren’t familiar with the database, then you should consult the database administrator for help.

If you have a basic familiarity with databases, then you can probably identity the primary table yourself. One way to determine if a table is the primary table is that there is exactly one record for each value you want to display (i.e. there are no duplicate records). You can usually tell this if there are related fields that store its name, description, etc. For example, a Product table would list each Product ID (the primary key) as well as listing its name, price, and possibly size or weight.

A table that isn’t the primary table usually lists a field as a secondary field within another...

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