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9.02 Analyzing Strings

String Functions

The ability to modify and concatenate strings is a powerful feature of many programming languages, and Basic syntax doesn’t disappoint. This section breaks out the different categories of string functions and summarizes how they work. The categories are: Analyzing a String, Parsing Strings, and Manipulating Strings.

Throughout this section, many functions are listed that use one or both of the parameters called compare and start. Rather than repeat a description of those parameters for each function, they are explained here for your reference.

The compare parameter determines when string comparisons are supposed to be case sensitive. If compare is 0, the search is case-sensitive. If it is 1, the search is not case-sensitive. This parameter is optional. If it is left out, the comparison defaults to 0, case sensitive.

The start parameter tells the function to process characters starting at the specified index. Any characters that are prior to that index are ignored. This parameter is optional. If it is left out, then the function will be performed for the entire string.

Analyzing a String

Strings are used to store a variety of data that are displayed in a report. They can come from a variety of sources such as database tables, user...

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