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9.03 Manipulating Strings

Manipulating Strings

It is common for a string to be modified before it is displayed on a report. This can consist of simple reformatting or even joining the different elements of an array into a single string. Basic syntax has many functions for manipulating string data. Table 9-4 shows the functions for manipulating strings. Descriptions of each function are listed next to its name. The functions Filter(), Split(), and Picture() are different from .NET and are defined in more detail after the table.

Table 9-4. String Manipulation Functions

Function Name Description
Filter(str, find, include, compare) Search an array of strings for a sub-string and return an array matching the criteria.
Replace(str, find, replace, start, count, compare)
Find a string and replace it with another string. The parameters start, count and compare are all optional. StrReverse(str)
Reverse the order of all characters in the string. ReplicateString(str, copies)
Returns multiple copies of a string. Space(val)
Returns the specified number of spaces as a single string. Join(list, delimiter)
Join an array of strings into one string and separate them with the specified delimiter. Split(str, delimiter, count, compare)
Split a single string into an array of strings based upon the specified delimiter. The parameters count and compare are optional. Picture(str, template)
Formats the characters...

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