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9.05 Fomatting Values

Formatting Values for Output

When formatting output to be displayed in a report, the output is usually a combination of string data variables. As the last section stated, Basic syntax is a type safe language. As a result, you can’t concatenate strings with numbers or dates. To build an output string with a combination of data types, you have to convert everything to a string using the CStr() method. This method takes all data types and converts them to a string.

The CStr() function is usually passed the value to format as the first parameter and the formatting string as the second parameter. The formatting string is used as a template that describes how the value should look when it gets converted as a string. Table 9-6 shows the different formatting characters that can be used. Table 9-7 shows examples of how different values will look after being formatted.

Table 9-6. CStr() Formatting Characters

Format Description
# Use with formatting numbers. If the number isn’t large enough, then spaces will be used instead. If the number is too large, then the integer part will still be fully displayed. Unused digits after the decimal are zero filled.
0 Use...

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